Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Trip into the rain forest to collect flowers

We need lots of flowers for the shoot tomorrow, I decide to help out and head out into the mountains

  TAH_4967SonnyphotosReady, let's goTAH_4969SonnyphotosWell, that was fun, till it started raining :-)TAH_4970SonnyphotosHani's brother Nono, is giving us a hand, so many ginger flowers hereTAH_4973SonnyphotosLoading up the uteTAH_4979Sonnyphotos2nd batch we just collectedTAH_4980SonnyphotosShowing Jacqui the awesome flowers we just got, I did not take the camera as it was pouring down, but there was a filed of these flowers, so many !!TAH_4981SonnyphotosThey look incredible, but they don;t smell so good :-)TAH_4986SonnyphotosNormally Hani would drive across this creek, but a bit more of a river today, so we walk it insteadTAH_4988SonnyphotosComing back empty handed, used to be a field of ginger crowns, but the farmer has planted different cropTAH_4990SonnyphotosMy Favourite, the hanging onesTAH_4993SonnyphotosThey just don't look real, but they are, I know, I cut them down :-)TAH_4995SonnyphotosJust incredible, can't grow this in SydneyTAH_4997SonnyphotosGinger crown on the dashboard nowTAH_4999SonnyphotosBack on the main road, and collect some more flowers for the flowers crowns we ( Actually should not say we, as I won;t be involved in that- no skill ) still need to makeTAH_5004SonnyphotosEvery where you look there are tropical coloursTAH_5007Sonnyphotoshmmmm, do you see what I see, jut to the right of meTAH_5008SonnyphotosYep, I got myself a few of them too TAH_5010Sonnyphotosand I love my Frangipani'sTAH_5014Sonnyphotos TAH_5017Sonnyphotoslast onesTAH_5020SonnyphotosBack at the studio and unloading the uteTAH_5022Sonnyphotos:-)

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