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First Day In Tahiti

Been wanting to come here for a long time, finally :-)

TAH_4886SonnyphotosSo we had to stay in Tahiti last night ( I know, sounds awful right ) as the ferries to Moorea stop at 5 or 6 in the evening and we arrived at 10pm. Moorea is about a 30-40 min ferry ride from Tahiti and Moorea, from what I gather so far, is quieter and prettier than Tahiti and does not have sprawling houses all over the Island. Still very cloudy and drizzly today, but am already blown away by that little bit of colour in the lagoon here as the ferry pulls in to Moorea.TAH_4889SonnyphotosSo you can imagine what this will look like when the sun is out. Oh, and it is a nice 30 or so degreesTAH_4893SonnyphotosMoorea, Tahiti and surrounding Islands are volcanic as opposed to Atolls, so the mountain landscape here is amazing, and can;t even see all of it yet because of the clouds still lingeringTAH_4895Sonnyphotossuper impressed right nowTAH_4899SonnyphotosHani & Benji pick us up from the ferry terminal, drop of our bags at their cute bungalow and of to lunch, had to compare the Fijian Kokoda to the Tahitian Tuna au coco lait, very similar and different at the same time, and to think Fiji is a 6 hour flight away, how the similarities exist between the 2 cultures but back then, no communicationTAH_4900SonnyphotosHappy to be here after long journeyTAH_4902Sonnyphotosour hosts Ben & Hani from Hani Haring

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