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Lake Tyrrell, Victoria

This is and was always going to be one of the highlights of this road trip

HTE_9067SonnyphotosAfter breakfast in Mildura ( sorry no photos ) couldn't wait to get out of there and head south to Lake Tyrrell HTE_9073SonnyphotosHad been scoping out google earth images and work out best way to get to the lake, the initial road I thought would take me there had a big no entry sign on it 200meters after turn off, so I drove along a bit, saw a farmer and asked him, and he guided me the right way, and good thing we got the 4wd upgrade form Avis, as it was not a 2 wheel drive road :-) HTE_9074SonnyphotosHas rained a bit a few days before we got here, so it is interesting to see the water seeping out of the hills to the lake HTE_9077Sonnyphotos"Straya !! :-) HTE_9080Sonnyphotosspot JAcqui HTE_9083Sonnyphotosall flowing down HTE_9085Sonnyphotosfilling up the lake HTE_9088Sonnyphotosbut no salt on this end, just dried earth with water slowly moving to join the lake HTE_9090SonnyphotosKanga HTE_9093Sonnyphotos HTE_9100Sonnyphotos HTE_9109Sonnyphotosback in the car and we drive further along the bumpy muddy track to the lake HTE_9112Sonnyphotossalt HTE_9119Sonnyphotoscow bone HTE_9125Sonnyphotosand bingo HTE_9126Sonnyphotoshello HTE_9129Sonnyphotosawesome photos, what a location HTE_9135SonnyphotosJacqui getting some awesome photos too, wearing that awesome Lutz jumper he gave her HTE_9136SonnyphotosJacqui got a few good shots of me ( see below ) HTE_9139SonnyphotosI'm so happy right now taking these photos HTE_9141Sonnyphotosblessed to not have a strong wind blowing right now HTE_9142Sonnyphotos HTE_9145Sonnyphotoswhat do you see HTE_9148Sonnyphotos HTE_9149Sonnyphotos HTE_9154Sonnyphotosthe lake is rapidly growing form all that rain a few days ago HTE_9157Sonnyphotossalt farm HTE_9160Sonnyphotos HTE_9165Sonnyphotos HTE_9167SonnyphotosJAC_6699along the dirt track I spotted a rubbish dump, but I'm talking rubbish dump from 40 years ago, so the rubbish is all more than 4o years old and I spotted me some nice old glass bottlesand then here are those shots Jacqui took of me JAC_6738 JAC_6739 JAC_6742love JAC_6744

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