Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > Sydney

CLD_1762Sonnyphotos9 hours in Dubai and then back on the plane CLD_1763SonnyphotosDubai gate 23 CLD_1765Sonnyphotosblue sky for a change CLD_1768SonnyphotosI was here once for about 3 months, and did not get many blue skies. More like a sandy desert dust haze CLD_1776SonnyphotosDubai CLD_1778Sonnyphotoshome of Emirates Airways CLD_1783Sonnyphotosno British Airways plane in sight CLD_1790Sonnyphotosbut busy like heathrow CLD_1796Sonnyphotosup next CLD_1798SonnyphotosDubai CLD_1801SonnyphotosAl Rigga CLD_1803SonnyphotosDubai Creek ( looking more like a river ) goo CLD_1806SonnyphotosPort Rashid CLD_1807Sonnyphotos CLD_1810Sonnyphotosfeels like every time I am here there is another Island being built CLD_1811Sonnyphotosnow that's a view CLD_1812Sonnyphotos CLD_1816SonnyphotosSheikh Zayed Road. Been up and down there a few times, and some of those arabs in their fancy cars drive along there like maniacs at over 180 km an hour CLD_1820SonnyphotosBurj Khalifa CLD_1827SonnyphotosMeydan Hotel and racecourse CLD_1829Sonnyphotoswhat a view ! CLD_1834SonnyphotosFlying to the Oman sea CLD_1835Sonnyphotoswas hoping to get a good shot fo the Maldives again, but clouds set in and then the sun set , so I went to bed instead

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