Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 15 Haute Couture Fashion Show Paris Backstage

CTR_1204JPGSonnyPhotosHCStella Lucia CTR_1215JPGSonnyPhotosHCChrystèle Saint Louis Augustin CTR_1227JPGSonnyPhotosHCAlex Yuryeva CTR_1231JPGSonnyPhotosHCAnna Cleveland CTR_1254JPGSonnyPhotosHC CTR_1259JPGSonnyPhotosHCFrida Gustavsson CTR_1274JPGSonnyPhotosHC & Eveline Rozing CTR_1295JPGSonnyPhotosHCChantal Monaghan CTR_1281JPGSonnyPhotosHCCarla Ciffoni CTR_1312JPGSonnyPhotosHCAnna Cleveland CTR_1318JPGSonnyPhotosHCAlexandra Agoston & Rianne Ten Haken CTR_1328JPGSonnyPhotosHCChrystèle Saint Louis Augustin CTR_1350JPGSonnyPhotosHC? , Ludivine Dum & Sally Jonsson CTR_1358JPGSonnyPhotosHCLindsey Wixson CTR_1362JPGSonnyPhotosHCDanielle Pontes & Marie Meyer CTR_1377JPGSonnyPhotosHCLindsey, Marie & Danielle CTR_1390JPGSonnyPhotosHCNastya Kunskaya, Emmy Kruger & Varya Shutova CTR_1396JPGSonnyPhotosHCNastya Kunskaya & Cindy Bruna CTR_1403JPGSonnyPhotosHCAlex Yuryeva CTR_1416JPGSonnyPhotosHCHedvig Palm

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