Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Willie Creek Pearls Visit and tour

We decide to head out of Broome a little bit to learn all about pearling

AUS_0732SonnyphotosAn open Pearls oyster complete with a little crab, the housemaid, crabs keep oysters clean AUS_0733Sonnyphotosthe pearl meat is quite hard AUS_0736Sonnyphotosgonads AUS_0737Sonnyphotos2 year old pearl, modeled by famous hand model Jacqui AUS_0738Sonnyphotos4 years AUS_0739Sonnyphotos6 years AUS_0740SonnyphotosIf you were pearl diving, open it up and saw that, you just made yourself about 8G AUS_0744Sonnyphotoscomplete with the housemaid AUS_0746SonnyphotosAfter little talk, get taken out on a boat to see how they farm them AUS_0747Sonnyphotosthey need to be cleaned AUS_0749Sonnyphotosbut this one has a cancer AUS_0753Sonnyphotostied to these lines AUS_0754Sonnyphotoshigh tide coming in AUS_0761SonnyphotosIndian ocean beyond AUS_0766Sonnyphotospearling boat AUS_0770Sonnyphotosheading inland AUS_0774Sonnyphotosentering the mangroves AUS_0776Sonnyphotoswhere crocodiles lurk AUS_0777Sonnyphotos AUS_0780Sonnyphotos AUS_0781Sonnyphotospretty AUS_0787Sonnyphotos AUS_0801Sonnyphotos AUS_0806Sonnyphotos AUS_0808Sonnyphotos AUS_0811Sonnyphotosbig tidal changes, so we are here at low tide, at high tide this is covered

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