Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Next day, after Fashion Week, time for a Surf

This time, thanks to Ben from Tahiti, we surf Frigates

AUS_4936SonnyPhotoswe set out from Matanivusi  resort AUS_4937SonnyPhotoson the boat we go AUS_4943SonnyPhotosidyllic location AUS_4945SonnyPhotosand look no rain AUS_4948SonnyPhotosHani & Ben enjoying the sunshine on their face AUS_4951SonnyPhotosand we're off, boat AUS_4956SonnyPhotos20 plus Kms later and we are in Kaduvu passage AUS_4959SonnyPhotosa long way from the mainland AUS_4957SonnyPhotosbut that's what's out here AUS_4960SonnyPhotosperfect peeling left and no one out AUS_4966SonnyPhotosTahitian man grommet :-) AUS_4968SonnyPhotoshe's out there AUS_4976SonnyPhotos6 hours later ( yes, the rain from Suva caught up with us )  and we are back, no surf pics as I was too busy surfing AUS_4987SonnyPhotosjungle AUS_4989SonnyPhotosMatanivusi  resort, waht a place to stay and then surf Frigates AUS_4993SonnyPhotosmight have to book myself in one time AUS_4992SonnyPhotos AUS_5001SonnyPhotos AUS_5007SonnyPhotosBula AUS_5008SonnyPhotos AUS_5014SonnyPhotoscasualty from today's surf

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