Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Eco Beach Retreat - Day 1 Bush Walk to the cave

After morning walk and lunch time walk I head out on my own for the afternoon walk

AUS_0036sonnyphotosand there is a great bush walk track that starts at the back of the resort and passes through all the back bush land and dunes, and a very informative walk as well, with lots of sign posts explaining all the different plants and their use by the aboriginals, be it for tools or medicine or tucker ( australian slang for food ) So I learned a thing or two as well, and there was so much bird life AUS_0039sonnyphotosafter a while you come out of the bush and head up a dune and are treated to this view of the resort, which, if you did not figure that already is pretty isolated, about 10km of the main road and about 130 km from the nearest town, being Broome. But isolated does not mean no resources, this is a luxury resort will all the mod con ( except no TV's ) and done sustainably  AUS_0040sonnyphotosMiddens AUS_0043sonnyphotosMiddens is basically the waste site from all the shells that the locals collected over many many years, so they can thousands of years old AUS_0044sonnyphotoswhat a view to eat your shells AUS_0046sonnyphotos AUS_0048sonnyphotosThe mini bungles, hard to tell in this photo as it is back lit, but pretty impressive AUS_0049sonnyphotos AUS_0051sonnyphotoslook how calm the water is this afternoon AUS_0053sonnyphotos AUS_0059sonnyphotosthe view south east, just bushland for 100's of Km AUS_0061sonnyphotosok, need to get down there now AUS_0066sonnyphotosloving this red colour AUS_0069sonnyphotosand calm sea AUS_0070sonnyphotos AUS_0072sonnyphotosdown I go  AUS_0074sonnyphotoslike slippery slide AUS_0075sonnyphotosshadow and awesome red earth colour AUS_0077sonnyphotosthe beach all to myself AUS_0079sonnyphotoswhat a location AUS_0082sonnyphotos AUS_0086sonnyphotos AUS_0087sonnyphotos AUS_0088sonnyphotos AUS_0090sonnyphotos AUS_0094sonnyphotos AUS_0100sonnyphotosyou know what I am thinking, fashion shoot !!

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