Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Broome > Sydney QF1043

Time to head back to Sydney.....briefly

AUS_0982SonnyphotosFlight to Perth, ready to taxi to runway AUS_0983Sonnyphotosone man and his plane :-) AUS_0987Sonnyphotos AUS_0989Sonnyphotosour turn AUS_0996SonnyphotosYes JAcqui loves to fly AUS_1000Sonnyphotostake off, Broome below AUS_1004SonnyphotosCable beach AUS_1007Sonnyphotoslooking up towards Willie Creek AUS_1010Sonnyphotoscan just see it, willie Creek that is AUS_1013Sonnyphotosafter banking turn, now get to see down towards Eco Beach retreat AUS_1015Sonnyphotoslooks so close AUS_1018SonnyphotosJack's creek near Eco Beach AUS_1019Sonnyphotos AUS_1025SonnyphotosJack's Creek AUS_1030SonnyphotosLa Grange Bay AUS_1031Sonnyphotos AUS_1034Sonnyphotos AUS_1037Sonnyphotoscloser to Roebuck Bay AUS_1039Sonnyphotos AUS_1040Sonnyphotos AUS_1043Sonnyphotostracks and highway 1 AUS_1047Sonnyphotosinteresting clouds AUS_1058Sonnyphotos AUS_1061SonnyphotosJacqui super relaxed as it turns out she personally know the captain. I have never seen Jacqui so relaxed before on a flight. Did not have to hold my hand during take off and landing ( can we always have this captain when we fly ? ) AUS_1069Sonnyphotos AUS_1071Sonnyphotosmust be windy out there AUS_1078Sonnyphotos AUS_1080Sonnyphotos AUS_1083Sonnyphotos AUS_1087Sonnyphotosgetting dark, somewhere near Alice Springs. No sunset shots this flight

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