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Port Hedland to Eco Beach, Broome

Another long day of driving today

AUS_9679sonnyphotosAs we drove out of Port Hedland, the Termite hills came back AUS_9680sonnyphotosAt first I could not make out what these white dots were on top off all the hills, so I stopped the car , and then saw it was all hard hats. AUS_9681sonnyphotosStart of a hill ? AUS_9682sonnyphotos AUS_9686sonnyphotosSo I'm guessing it some sort of ritual with the miners when they finish their stint working here for several years and and move on, guessing by the empty beer bottles everywhere as well, I guess they come down, have their little piss up and leave their hat AUS_9688sonnyphotosexcept this one left his ID card as well ( was still valid till end this year )AUS_9690sonnyphotos AUS_9696sonnyphotosA bit further down the road from Port Hedland ( like a few 100km ) another interesting mountain range AUS_9699sonnyphotosStill got a ways to go AUS_9703sonnyphotoslove this rock though AUS_9707dsonnyphotosquick photoshop to show the rock and how cloudy it is, imagine this in blue sky-full sun AUS_9709sonnyphotos AUS_9711sonnyphotos AUS_9717sonnyphotossun slowly getting down, another 100 km or so to go , look at that sky AUS_9718sonnyphotoswill be a good sunset AUS_9722sonnyphotosoff the highway on the dirt road to Eco Beach now, drivers seat view AUS_9724sonnyphotosoh woauw, Eco Beach retreat, we arrived AUS_9725sonnyphotosjust in time for sunset AUS_9728sonnyphotosnice AUS_9732sonnyphotosview from our room AUS_9740sonnyphotoslow tide AUS_9741sonnyphotosour living area on the left, then connect via pavilion to our bed room, luxuxry. will be a good sleep tonight ( need after 2 days driving )

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