Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney > London > Brussels

here we go, leaving the warm southern hemisphere for that cold blip in the north

AUS_7334Sonnyphotoswas a cloudy rainy summer day in Sydney, but once past the blue mountains and Lithgow region the clouds parted to reveal to me, as always, the most amazing Australian landscapes AUS_7343Sonnyphotos AUS_7344Sonnyphotosthe mix of colours AUS_7346Sonnyphotosand patterns AUS_7348Sonnyphotosbush airfiled, as in, flying doctors AUS_7351Sonnyphotos AUS_7353Sonnyphotosif you draw a line between Broken hill and Bourke, then this is roughly where we areAUS_7357Sonnyphotos AUS_7360SonnyphotosAboriginal dot painting AUS_7361Sonnyphotos AUS_7364Sonnyphotos AUS_7367Sonnyphotosloving this, meanwhile stewardess is trying to serve me dinner, but I am glued to my window AUS_7369Sonnyphotos AUS_7375Sonnyphotos AUS_7382Sonnyphotoscan you spot the Kangaroo AUS_7385Sonnyphotosjust there on the left ( like...where's wally ) AUS_7386Sonnyphotos AUS_7388Sonnyphotos AUS_7389Sonnyphotosjust incredible AUS_7391Sonnyphotos AUS_7394Sonnyphotos AUS_7395Sonnyphotos AUS_7398Sonnyphotos AUS_7402Sonnyphotosleaving Australia, Willie Creek, which is at the very end of Cable Beach, meaning, Broome is just underneath the plane and we can't see it AUS_7405Sonnyphotos AUS_7413Sonnyphotosbye Australia, don;t be cold when I get back, wanting your warmth after northern hemisphere winter AUS_7422Sonnyphotos AUS_7424Sonnyphotosgood night AUS_7426Sonnyphotos19 something hours later, landed in pitch black in London and now few hours later taking off for Brussels AUS_7434Sonnyphotosview from kitchen, and oh yeah, it is cold outside AUS_7436Sonnyphotosnice light to welcome me though AUS_7439Sonnyphotosbut don't be fooled by the blue sky, it's 1 degree outside

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