Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


La Tour Penchée , Oye Plage, Nord-Pas-De-Calais

After our walk, I just knew we find a bunker, this coastline is littered with them

PHC_3031SonnyphotosGerman observation tower, and as Freddy pointed out, the roof is shaped like a church, so as to confuse the allies and not bomb the tower PHC_3033Sonnyphotossolid steel PHC_3035Sonnyphotos PHC_3037Sonnyphotos PHC_3039Sonnyphotos PHC_3042Sonnyphotos PHC_3045Sonnyphotoswe drive on to Grand-Forte-Philippe, time to have some dinner  PHC_3049Sonnyphotosand I spot these awesome specimens PHC_3050SonnyphotosFreddy found it hard to understand what my excitement was, just a cow PHC_3054SonnyphotosI love this photo PHC_3056Sonnyphotos PHC_3061SonnyphotosWe tried the sout side of Grand-Fort-Philippe, but could not find something, so we cross the river Aa ( yep, not kidding that's what the river is called ) and drove past Gravelines which is a big old fort built by the dutch in 1200 to protect against the Spanish, and has multiple times been conquered by the English, Spanish and French, anyway  PHC_3063Sonnyphotossleepy little seaside town now PHC_3065Sonnyphotos PHC_3067Sonnyphotos PHC_3069Sonnyphotoslow tide PHC_3072Sonnyphotoswoauw, palm trees, they must move them in winter for the snow PHC_3074Sonnyphotos PHC_3076Sonnyphotos PHC_3079Sonnyphotos PHC_3080Sonnyphotos PHC_3083Sonnyphotosinside restaurant now PHC_3086Sonnyphotoswatching the sky darken and waiting for a pot of th local yummy muscles we saw earlier

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