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The ice bucket challenge to end all ice bucket challenges

What better place than the Hintertux Glacier in Austria to do an ice bucket challenge

PHC_2131SonnyphotosLAs we all know, there has been so many ice bucket challenges, and we were getting a bit tired of some of the "ahem" efforts made. So Evan decided to put an end to it all and shut up his mates with their pussy ice efforst, glacier dipping I'd say is the extreme way to go . Here he is setting up the shot with his Iphone so India can video his efforts PHC_2136SonnyphotosLSo, we are at the Tux Fernerhaus, which is just on 2700meters above sea level, so it is the base of the glacier, the spot where the glacier melts ind turns into a creek, a creek whose water has , well , just turned into water from ice. What I am trying to say is, that water is frickin ice cold PHC_2143SonnyphotosLcrazier than a coconut PHC_2149SonnyphotosLthat is a glacier inthe background, with people ski-ing on it PHC_2156SonnyphotosLready, here goes, :-) the look on his face PHC_2158SonnyphotosLdunk PHC_2159SonnyphotosLnow does that look like a photo of some one experiencing extreme cold :-) PHC_2163SonnyphotosL PHC_2166SonnyphotosL PHC_2169SonnyphotosLjust in time the sun pokes out to warm him up a little PHC_2172SonnyphotosLice bucket challenge, tick ! PHC_2176SonnyphotosLmate, I would not be checking the video footage, i'd be drying off and getting dressed to warm up asap PHC_2183SonnyphotosLno PHC_2185SonnyphotosLEvan has a btter idea, he wants a photo of himself in the snow in his boardshorts PHC_2190SonnyphotosLyep, now he can't feel his feet and his brain is saying, pain ...get out of there PHC_2193SonnyphotosL PHC_2196SonnyphotosLwell done Evan PHC_2198SonnyphotosLriding the chairlift down PHC_2201SonnyphotosLand I feel like coming back again to go for a walk PHC_2203SonnyphotosLsuch beautifull scenery PHC_2213SonnyphotosLlater that evening at dinner time, the clouds part PHC_2214SonnyphotosL PHC_2216SonnyphotosLtelling us it will be a nice day tomorrow for a walk. See, Hintertux is not just a ski-ing mountain to go to in the winter time, so much to do and see in summer as well. The scenery, the air, it is so pure and top it off you can ski 365 days of the year

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