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Casa Preti in Cagnò, Italy

The place to stay when visiting the Trentino region, Italy

PHC_1860Sonnyphotoswe lucked on to this pretty bed & breakfast by chance as they had only just recently opened for business ( we were their first booking , yeay ! :-) A big farmhouse building with an awesome view of the lake St. Giustina, from the outside looking like a farm house, but on the inside all the mod cons. You see, they had a big snowfall 2 years ago, so much snow that the weight of the snow was too much for the roof and the roof collapsed, so they had to get the roof and upper floor fixed, so why not turn it into a B&B :-) The husband is still a farmer, an apple farmer in fact and he was happy to show us his barn and let us taste some of his friends wines and cheeses, plus some cider. yum. And the daughter gave us a tour of the small village and their apple orchards  PHC_1862SonnyphotosLook at that view, now imagine same view in winter, all white, more than likely ice on the lake, and you are getting ready to go ski-ing on the nearby ski-pistes after a hearty breafast. I am already ready to come back for ski season just imagining it PHC_1863Sonnyphotosall nice pine interior, the rooms were lovely, I tool some shots, butthey did not look that nice with all our luggage in the rooms. Instead, look at the photos on their website  PHC_1874Sonnyphotos Like I said, looking like a farm house, but it is more than that PHC_1884SonnyphotosThe tasting cellar where a lot of tasting can be done :-) PHC_1885SonnyphotosAnd then the orchards, so many apples PHC_1886Sonnyphotosthis really is one of THE apple growing regions of Europe PHC_1889Sonnyphotosyum PHC_1902Sonnyphotosold irrigation system still standing  PHC_1905Sonnyphotosha, ballet 24/7 PHC_1894SonnyphotosIndia's turn PHC_1898Sonnyphotos PHC_1892Sonnyphotosanything you can do, I can do better PHC_1893Sonnyphotosha PHC_1906Sonnyphotosoh oh, I can see it coming PHC_1907Sonnyphotosyep, here it comes PHC_1908Sonnyphotosphoto bomb :-) PHC_1909Sonnyphotos PHC_1914Sonnyphotos PHC_1919Sonnyphotos PHC_1921Sonnyphotos PHC_1922Sonnyphotos PHC_1926Sonnyphotos PHC_1927SonnyphotosAnd then ofcourse, we had the most amazing dinner ( Italian food ) at one of the local restaurants that evening. :-)

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