Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


San Marino, Republic of. In the middle of Italy

Founded on the 3rd Septmeber 301, by a stonemason.

PHC_1610SonnyphotosSan Marino claims to be the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world PHC_1613Sonnyphotosa cute historic village on a mountaintop PHC_1615Sonnyphotoswith a view of the sea and Rimini coastline PHC_1617Sonnyphotostonnes of history PHC_1618Sonnyphotosin detail PHC_1621Sonnyphotoswe arrived last night after our visit down at Otranto and planned to continue north today, but we liked what little we saw last night we decided to stay another day to explore more PHC_1626Sonnyphotosand are we glad we did PHC_1629Sonnyphotosso high up, at level with the clouds PHC_1631Sonnyphotosone must spare a thought for Jacqui's poor knees, getting pulled uphill by India and Belle PHC_1634SonnyphotosEverywhere you see, such magnificent views PHC_1636Sonnyphotosand then there are the castles PHC_1638Sonnyphotoswith their towers looking out to sea PHC_1640Sonnyphotoslove me some history PHC_1642Sonnyphotosespecially castles PHC_1647Sonnyphotosthe view straight down PHC_1649Sonnyphotosand across to the other tower outpost and a rain squall in the hills behind PHC_1650Sonnyphotossheer drop PHC_1652Sonnyphotoslooking inland PHC_1659Sonnyphotosand down again PHC_1661Sonnyphotosso high PHC_1663Sonnyphotosimpressed PHC_1664Sonnyphotos PHC_1667Sonnyphotoscameras ready :-) PHC_1669Sonnyphotoscourtyard fun PHC_1680Sonnyphotosoff to the next tower PHC_1688Sonnyphotosthe girls will sit the next one out PHC_1690Sonnyphotosso just me and Evan PHC_1696Sonnyphotoslooking back at the first tower PHC_1702Sonnyphotosand on the lower side, another tower PHC_1705SonnyphotosSan Marino PHC_1707Sonnyphotos PHC_1710Sonnyphotos PHC_1711Sonnyphotoswould love to know what the stones on the roff tiles is for, strong winds ? PHC_1713Sonnyphotosthis high there would be some storms coming through PHC_1719Sonnyphotosstrenght PHC_1725Sonnyphotosok, time to head bck PHC_1742Sonnyphotosjust in time for sunset PHC_1746Sonnyphotosgoing PHC_1752Sonnyphotosgoing PHC_1760Sonnyphotosgone

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