Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Back to Torre Sant' Andrea for some underwater photography

As we loved the clarity of the water so much, we just had to come back the next day for some more underwater fun

PHC_0747Sonnyphotosour jump off spot PHC_0799Sonnyphotosfirst up Belle PHC_0806SonnyphotosPHC_0836Sonnyphotosa lot of seaweed in this photo of Jacqui, and yes, Jacqui wanted to shoot with clothes and fabric underwater PHC_0817Sonnyphotosjust not as clear in this spot as yesterdayPHC_0880Sonnyphotosand this is why, all the dead seaweed/grass broken down on the sea floor PHC_0869Sonnyphotosso we head further outPHC_0824Sonnyphotosah yes, getting clearer now ( except for Jacqui's face with the air bubbles :-) PHC_0903Sonnyphotosthis looks better girls PHC_0904Sonnyphotoslet's go PHC_0912SonnyphotosIndia going deep PHC_0916Sonnyphotosfocus PHC_0922Sonnyphotosloving the reflections PHC_0938SonnyphotosBelle with the fabric trailing behind PHC_1001Sonnyphotoslove the colours of the red against the blue PHC_1005Sonnyphotosand that reflection again PHC_1352Sonnyphotosoh my, the colours, loving this PHC_1373Sonnyphotosback in the cave, the light very moody, love it PHC_1382Sonnyphotosswimming into the light from the cave PHC_1420Sonnyphotoshas that mysterious feeling like you have in a Bill Henson photo PHC_1431Sonnyphotoswith the reflection PHC_1440Sonnyphotoslove PHC_1461Sonnyphotosthis light, woauw. Jacqui at the entrance to the cave PHC_1477Sonnyphotosunderwater posing PHC_1487Sonnyphotosnot that easy, as Belle will tell you, with the fabric PHC_1503Sonnyphotos PHC_1505Sonnyphotos PHC_1510Sonnyphotosaaah, that was fun, I think we were in the water about 2 hours swimming and shooting. Jacqui took a whole series of photos too which she hopes to get around soon as well to post PHC_1517SonnyphotosAfter lunch, we travel a few beaches further north to find another amazing swimming spot PHC_1518Sonnyphotos PHC_1536Sonnyphotosso back in we go, so clear PHC_1542Sonnyphotosand look at this natural Japanese landscape style sand floor PHC_1545Sonnyphotoszen-ing out over the top of it PHC_1556Sonnyphotosbeautiful PHC_1572Sonnyphotosthis is in the late afternoon, so can you imagine the clarity in the middle of the day PHC_1581Sonnyphotosbearded guy hiding behind the rocksPHC_1601Sonnyphotos

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