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A big discovery for us - Torre Sant'Andrea near Otranto, Italy

Woauw, just woauw

PHC_0473SonnyphotosSonnyphotosBelle had spent a bit of time researching google images and google earth to find the best snorkelling spot on the coast near Otranto PHC_0475SonnyphotosSonnyphotosand... Bingo PHC_0476SonnyphotosSonnyphotosjust look how clear PHC_0477SonnyphotosSonnyphotosmakes you wanna just dive in, no ? PHC_0478SonnyphotosSonnyphotosnow, how to get down there though PHC_0485SonnyphotosSonnyphotosha, someone busted one of the gates blocking a track that goes down to the waters edge PHC_0487SonnyphotosSonnyphotosso we're in :-) PHC_0490SonnyphotosSonnyphotoslook at the clarity PHC_0493SonnyphotosSonnyphotosnice PHC_0498SonnyphotosSonnyphotosswimming through mini cave PHC_0503SonnyphotosSonnyphotosJacs conquering her fears more and more :-) PHC_0513SonnyphotosSonnyphotosthe gang PHC_0525SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0536SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0553SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0574SonnyphotosSonnyphotosIt's obviously not the same as being there, but just look at the clarity of the water PHC_0580SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0585SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0615SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0619SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0628SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0632SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0645SonnyphotosSonnyphotoswatch for the big fish PHC_0649SonnyphotosSonnyphotos PHC_0653SonnyphotosSonnyphotoslooking at it now, ready to go for another swim :-) PHC_0664SonnyphotosSonnyphotosAnd look at Jacqui go PHC_0672SonnyphotosSonnyphotosShe was one of those people that had a big fear of swimming where the water underneath would be dark, no problem today PHC_0683SonnyphotosSonnyphotosbeautiful coastline PHC_0685SonnyphotosSonnyphotoswe'll be back for sure

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