Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Quick flight to London and Back

Quick flight across the channel and back

PRM_4053sonnyphotosready to take off PRM_4057sonnyphotosTransport of the day not so long ago, trains and boats PRM_4058sonnyphotos copycan you spot it, somewhere in the center, no ? PRM_4058sonnyphotoszoomed in, how about now PRM_4060sonnyphotoslove flying through the clouds PRM_4062sonnyphotos PRM_4065sonnyphotosSchelde snaking through Belgium countryside PRM_4066sonnyphotosBelgium coastline PRM_4067sonnyphotosOsstende just a touch below middle PRM_4068sonnyphotosgood view of Osstende PRM_4070sonnyphotosleaving continent PRM_4075sonnyphotoscrssing the channel PRM_4078sonnyphotosin the middle PRM_4083sonnyphotosHeathrow, and no, not yet PRM_4084sonnyphotoslove getting on these when I am here though, means I'm heading home, but will be a while before that happens PRM_4085sonnyphotosback to Belgium PRM_4089sonnyphotoslove the long summer days in north europe PRM_4092sonnyphotosit's like after 10 pm PRM_4099sonnyphotosSchelde snaking towards Antwerp PRM_4096sonnyphotosDoel and Antwerp PRM_4100sonnyphotosnice PRM_4102sonnyphotos PRM_4103sonnyphotosturning to Zaventem PRM_4105sonnyphotosheading down PRM_4106sonnyphotosjust in time to go to bed

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