Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Dubai > London QF 01

Rise and shine over the Arabian skies

_SYD1149Sonnyphotosnice colours, about an hour out of Dubai direction London _SYD1153SonnyphotosIraqi landscape, near Baghdad _SYD1151Sonnyphotosloving the colours _SYD1153Sonnyphotos _SYD1154Sonnyphotoscan just make out the river Tigris at the bottom of photo _SYD1155SonnyphotosMosul dam lake _SYD1156SonnyphotosTigris river snaking through the Iraqi landscape near Misharah _SYD1157Sonnyphotosnear Turkish, Syrain Iraqi border _SYD1158SonnyphotosBetween Khanik and Gven _SYD1160SonnyphotosTurkey _SYD1161Sonnyphotos _SYD1162Sonnyphotos _SYD1164SonnyphotosSirnak or Silopi _SYD1165Sonnyphotosnear Batman ( no kidding ) _SYD1168SonnyphotosRomania _SYD1171Sonnyphotos _SYD1172Sonnyphotos _SYD1174SonnyphotosGermany _SYD1175Sonnyphotoswe are not alone _SYD1177Sonnyphotos _SYD1180Sonnyphotos _SYD1185Sonnyphotos _SYD1186Sonnyphotoseyes to the world _SYD1192Sonnyphotos _SYD1194Sonnyphotoswe are not alone _SYD1196Sonnyphotosyep, clouds build up again, Belgium :-) _SYD1201SonnyphotosWhite Cliffs of Dover _SYD1204SonnyphotosDover and wind farm at the bottom _SYD1205Sonnyphotoszoom in on windfarm ( need more of these ) _SYD1208SonnyphotosEng Ga Land _SYD1212Sonnyphotoscolour _SYD1214SonnyphotosPower station on Thames _SYD1216SonnyphotosLondon _SYD1217SonnyphotosLondon skies _SYD1222Sonnyphotos _SYD1225Sonnyphotosnice _SYD1230SonnyphotosI been hearing about this cheese grater _SYD1236Sonnyphotoslanded

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