Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Avaoca Beach on a late Autumn day, feeling like summer

After Newcastle, Jac and I head down to Avoca beach

Jac's has a little family portrait shoot on down here with Mel, mi mate Kezza's sis :-) AF0P8052SonnyphotosI thought I'd try out my broken 200m lens ( the front glass fell out a while ago, and has just been sitting in the office doing nothing as the repair was a fraction less than a replacement )AF0P8053SonnyphotosSo not the sharpest at the moment AF0P8055Sonnyphotosbut still takes an ok shot AF0P8056Sonnyphotosbut back to the beach, and look at it, one day away from winter and people still out and about enjoying the beach AF0P8057Sonnyphotos AF0P8089Sonnyphotos AF0P8093Sonnyphotoslove this, just says summer to me AF0P8095Sonnyphotos"shall we jump " AF0P8107Sonnyphotoswell we got a crowd now AF0P8109Sonnyphotosso yes AF0P8112Sonnyphotoslet's jump AF0P8116Sonnyphotosgirl power AF0P8117Sonnyphotosgood times AF0P8119Sonnyphotosagain, says summer AF0P8224Sonnyphotoslate arvo light AF0P8325Sonnyphotos AF0P8329Sonnyphotosloving this too AF0P8333Sonnyphotostaking his young daughter for a swim AF0P8334Sonnyphotosbut none of this going in the pool or off the beach AF0P8338Sonnyphotostrain them young AF0P8339Sonnyphotoshard core AF0P8342Sonnyphotosshe'll turn out to be a cool surf chic I bet :-) AF0P8422Sonnyphotosday's end

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