Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Sydney PR Little Hero SS14/15 Launch and the Live Shoot

Little Hero PR agency's Fashion Clients, some of whom that did not partake in the recent Sydney Fashion week, decided to put on their own little event to launch their clients Spring Summer ranges

Tigerlily _SYD6599Sonnyphotos Kate Sylvester _SYD6710Sonnyphotos Seduce _SYD6725Sonnyphotos P.A.M. _SYD6729Sonnyphotos Leona Edminston _SYD6760Sonnyphotos Verner _SYD6764Sonnyphotos Seduce _SYD6840Sonnyphotos Romance Was Born _SYD6849Sonnyphotos Romance Was Born _SYD6871Sonnyphotos Romance Was Borm _SYD6897SonnyphotosRomance Was Born _SYD6902Sonnyphotos_SYD6907SonnyphotosFun times with Rhianna_SYD6918Sonnyphotos Romance Was Born _SYD7021Sonnyphotos Verner _SYD7101Sonnyphotos P.A.M. _SYD7142Sonnyphotos Elissa McGowan _SYD7171Sonnyphotos Leona Edminston _SYD7264Sonnyphotos Tigerlily _SYD7318Sonnyphotos Kate Sylvester _SYD7378Sonnyphotos Romance Was Born _SYD7445Sonnyphotos Sand _SYD7520Sonnyphotos P.A.M. _SYD7621Sonnyphotos Leona Edminston _SYD7724Sonnyphotos Kate Sylvester _SYD7836Sonnyphotos Elissa Mc Gowan , the nice thing about the live shoot was guest could also take their own shotsAF0P7246Sonnyphotosand then we had a little live performance from ballerina Fenella at Studio Tibor who danced for Repetto Paris en pointe.AF0P7250Sonnyphotos AF0P7252Sonnyphotos

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