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Long Reef Sculptures By Night

Sydney may have Vivid Light Festival on right now, but before it started, Long Reef had it's own Sculptures By Night

Start of the walking track form the car parkAF0P7940SonnyphotosThe girls checking the torches on each otherAF0P7941Sonnyphotoslights, slow shutter, yep..ready to go AF0P7949SonnyphotosFirst sculpture from the top of the headland AF0P7962SonnyphotosWe were hopeful there would be a feast of visual lit up delights, alas, few and far in between on the walk, ( we put it down to this being the first ever go at it , and are optimistic that next year will be bigger and better ) So we decided to create our own night time light sculptures. The Girls love hearts sculptureAF0P7963SonnyphotosThe light hug with torches :-) AF0P7964SonnyphotosThe 10 second scribble with torchesAF0P7965Sonnyphotosone of the actual sculptures AF0P7966SonnyphotosThe " lets roll down the hill with torches " sculpture AF0P7969SonnyphotosOne of the sculptures AF0P7971SonnyphotosLights from Dee Why rock pool AF0P7975SonnyphotosThen Evan and I started doing our own light paintings :-) AF0P7978Sonnyphotos AF0P7979Sonnyphotos AF0P7980Sonnyphotos AF0P7983Sonnyphotosloving all the different patterns, textures, shapes and streaks we are getting AF0P7985Sonnyphotos AF0P7987Sonnyphotos AF0P7990Sonnyphotos AF0P7991Sonnyphotos AF0P7992Sonnyphotos AF0P7993Sonnyphotos AF0P7995Sonnyphotos AF0P7996Sonnyphotosand then it was back to the car park AF0P8000Sonnyphotos

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