Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Let's hit that shore dump :-)

So after the girls have their swim, I head to the beach again on hide tide and hit the middle of the beach where there is a nice shore dump

SON_2414SonnyphotosAnd meet up Tom from Circuitry training for a little session SON_2431Sonnyphotoscoming for ya SON_2436Sonnyphotosnice little barrels SON_2445Sonnyphotosbreaking right on the sand :-) SON_2457SonnyphotosTom about to get dumped and end up with some extra sand in his ears :-) SON_2463Sonnyphotostake off SON_2482Sonnyphotoshahaha look how dry it is underneath him, dump ! SON_2485Sonnyphotosthen Mandy Zieren joins in on the fun SON_2486Sonnyphotoshollow SON_2492Sonnyphotosstill riding it ( nice shot, still I'm no way near of the level of Smithy's work ) SON_2495Sonnyphotoswe are having so much fun in this SON_2507Sonnyphotosoh , about to drop ! SON_2508Sonnyphotosstill going SON_2509Sonnyphotosabout to hit SON_2510Sonnyphotosbouch, hit the bottom, but all the while inside, love it SON_2511Sonnyphotosstill going SON_2512Sonnyphotosin there somewhere :-) SON_2523Sonnyphotosnext one SON_2536Sonnyphotosand again SON_2594Sonnyphotosso much fun SON_2607Sonnyphotosand we are not the only one, further north ( not as heavy ) all the groms having a bash SON_2611SonnyphotosAnd another great day on the beach :-)

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