Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Lazy Floating kind of day ( No Surf )

There has been no waves for a while, so we decide to take down our air mattress to the beach

SON_2613Sonnyphotosoff we go SON_2618Sonnyphotosyep, now waves, flat as, not even any white wash, Lake Avalon SON_2623SonnyphotosAnd still so nice for this time of the year SON_2629Sonnyphotos SON_2647Sonnyphotosmaking our own waves SON_2657Sonnyphotosbig shore dump SON_2688Sonnyphotossucking up the sand SON_2731Sonnyphotosbiggest lake SON_2754Sonnyphotos SON_2770Sonnyphotos SON_2780Sonnyphotos SON_2804Sonnyphotos SON_2816Sonnyphotosanother shorey SON_2819SonnyphotosWell that was fun and Relaxing , and as you can see in the background not a single wave

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