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Love me a good surf movie on the big screen

Tim Bonython's Australian Surf Movie festival is in town and stoked it's on while I am still in town

LIM_1672sonnyphotosAs well as the surf movie on the big screen, Tim always has some musical entertainment prior to the movie and during intermission. Yes, intermission, so you have a chance to fill up your glasses :-) LIM_1681sonnyphotosThis year, Tim has found this singer called Jack Dawson LIM_1682sonnyphotosAnd the crowd loved it, beautiful music LIM_1691sonnyphotosAnd I loved how he played his guitr LIM_1693sonnyphotosso still hit the chords, but then he would hit the strings with his other hand, sort of slapping his fingers on the strings LIM_1698sonnyphotosmaybe I'm old and this is already the "new" current thing to do LIM_1701sonnyphotoseither way, it sounded great, as it had a percussion feel to it as well LIM_1703sonnyphotosIntermission and lucky door prizes, Tim's son gets roped in to draw the tickets ( I remember when we used to get bikini clad girls for this Tim :-) LIM_1709sonnyphotosLucky grommet, gets one of many prizes, a bag full of goodies, including a set of fins and sunnies ( I wanted those fins) LIM_1710sonnyphotosstoked grommet LIM_1713sonnyphotosStoked man grommet :-) LIM_1725sonnyphotosyew LIM_1740sonnyphotossell out crowd at Palm Beach RSL LIM_1741sonnyphotosYew ! LIM_1748sonnyphotosLove this shot, the grommets on the floor out the front, they were so stoked LIM_1750sonnyphotosThe End LIM_1753sonnyphotosno wait, one more wave LIM_1757sonnyphotosStoked crowd out the front, but all heading home as it is past kids bed time. Thanks Tim for putting on another great movie, and anyone on the east coast, check out the tour dates and get your self a ticket, it is well worth it, I mean big Teahupoo you need to see on big screen, not some little portable device or lap top ! Watch the trailer here ( on your portable device ) and then get your self down to the big screen :-)

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