Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Summer Timeeee......and the living is Easy :-)

Always loved that Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong song. . . .

and today the living is easyLIM_0723SonnyphotosSonnyphotosheading out with our little inflatable  LIM_0726SonnyphotosSonnyphotosto this little spot around the corner from our house LIM_0733SonnyphotosSonnyphotosgirls straight into it LIM_0741SonnyphotosSonnyphotosNo need to row when you got kids :-) LIM_0745SonnyphotosSonnyphotosso yeah, starting to enjoy summertime,  LIM_0750SonnyphotosSonnyphotosand we don't need to go far LIM_0752SonnyphotosSonnyphotosone of those tree tops in the right of the photo is from a tree in our yard, so I would not be really lying if  I said we are pretty much playing our "backyard " :-) LIM_0762SonnyphotosSonnyphotosIndia goes solo LIM_0773SonnyphotosSonnyphotosthen twin LIM_0780SonnyphotosSonnyphotoshmmm, yes, Evan with a haircut shave, and a confidentiality contract, so we can't talk about it ( damn it ) LIM_0782SonnyphotosSonnyphotosThis is a lovely spot, when you come visit , we will take you here LIM_0784SonnyphotosSonnyphotoslike I said in the post title, living is easy LIM_0809SonnyphotosSonnyphotosbut not for these 2 when it's time to go  LIM_0810SonnyphotosSonnyphotosun happy face LIM_0812SonnyphotosSonnyphotosbut Belle knows better LIM_0813SonnyphotosSonnyphotosshe knows we'll come back again as it is only the start of summer :-)

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