Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Row Row Row your boat

Forgot about these photos, just resurfaced as I picked up the camera they were shot with , oops.

But the kids grand dad gave them a little blow up row boat DSCF1367sonnyphotosso time to head to Pittwater and test it out DSCF1371sonnyphotosAfter Evan gave it a test run, Jacqui is keen to try it out DSCF1372sonnyphotosoff she goes with a little help from Evan DSCF1376sonnyphotosInto the sunset DSCF1383sonnyphotosno...of to Lion Island now :-) DSCF1388sonnyphotosIndia and Evan, rowing in opposite directions :-) DSCF1398sonnyphotosThen back home just in time for a BBQ and home made chips ( that's the fryer on the right :-)

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