Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Some watercam shots - Fiji days


P4210150sonnyphotoslove this shot, they spent so much time in this pool in between snorkelling in the sea P4230180sonnyphotosaaahh....cloudbreak P4230184sonnyphotoswhile I'm out surfing , the girls try to ctch a few on the side P4230187sonnyphotos

P4230189sonnyphotosBelle's paddling out :-) P4230190sonnyphotosThis is when India was going out on the jet ski to come get me, " as long as you go slow" she said to the driver P4230191sonnyphotoshehehehe, as if :-)

P4230194sonnyphotospoor Bellie, little whitey that she is can;t stay in the sun too long P4230202sonnyphotosafter surfing and snorkelling most of the day, it's time to head back to the mainland P4230209sonnyphotos

P4240228sonnyphotosback at the resort, straight back in the water to check out this awesome fish, was a big one P4240239sonnyphotosand further belwo, deadly stone fish P4240244sonnyphotos

P4250252sonnyphotosdeadly sea snake, but don't worry, they have tiny mouths P4250259sonnyphotosback in the pool, the other Vandevelde's Kita & Kenny P4250265sonnyphotosoh my gawd, its the KKK, KennyKitaKristy ( funny colour is the colour pop setting on watercamera, i know , bit o.t.t. ) P4250266sonnyphotos

P4250269sonnyphotosscary dude in the water P4250270sonnyphotos

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