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Last day in Fiji and we finally visit the Sigatoka Black Sand Dunes

DSCF0937sonnyphotoslong climb up to the top :-) DSCF0942sonnyphotoswe've heard/read about the dunes system and beach with surfing below. Although for surfing, it does get very windy most of the time, not today. And when I talked to the guy who runs a surf camp behind the sand dune in the village, where you can rent boards etc... he told me the surf does get good, and that not everyone that surfs gets bitten by a shark, and then he runss through the list of injuries surfers have suffered, yeah, the Japanese guy got bitten on the hand, but its ok, he did not lose all his fingers, the Brazillian guy went back to brazil with a piece missing from his leg, and on he went, really selling the place he was. The clincher, but don;t worry if you want some protection from the shark, for an extra 10 dollars, you can "rent" one of my cousins who will come out the surf with you, and act as "bait" to distract the sharks while you surf, over his shoulder I could see about 3-4 of his cousins drawing straws to see who gets the short straw. But I did not need a souvenir of Fiji that badly :-) DSCF0943sonnyphotosam content with just watching the view from up here instead DSCF0947sonnyphotos

DSCF0949sonnyphotosKing of the castle DSCF0958sonnyphotosgo knock him of his perch girls DSCF0953sonnyphotos

DSCF0954sonnyphotosqueen of the dunes :-) DSCF0962sonnyphotosmy first time on black sand beach, ever since I saw the movie Piano, I always wanted to go and shoot on a black sand beach DSCF0969sonnyphotosloving how the colour pops against the black sand DSCF0975sonnyphotosI like, as a photographer, how some people see different things, like in this case, Jacqui saw the black sand sticking to the bottomw of the kids feet. DSCF0976sonnyphotos


thanks Fiji. Off to the airport now.
And night time flight, so won;t be boring you with countless cloud photos.
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