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Earth Day at Shangri-LA Fijian Resort

DSCF0766sonnyphotosFred i think was his name DSCF0768sonnyphotos

DSCF0772sonnyphotosOni from the Fijian Marine center, making sure everyone has signed in DSCF0774sonnyphotosand the local students come down to help plant seedling to create a new mangrove section on the lagoon side of the resort DSCF0778sonnyphotosseedlings, waiting for a new home on the low tide DSCF0779sonnyphotos

DSCF0780sonnyphotoslots of volunteers today as well DSCF0781sonnyphotos


DSCF0786sonnyphotosMoses, from the marine center,  shows how it is done DSCF0788sonnyphotosgirls get into it DSCF0795sonnyphotos




DSCF0813sonnyphotosgroup shot DSCF0825sonnyphotosback on the lawn, presentation, where Belle DSCF0827sonnyphotos & India get a certificate for all the volunteer work they have, not just this trip, but everytime we come here ( planted mangroves before and built the coral houses for new fish to colonise ) DSCF0829sonnyphotos

celebration time DSCF0817sonnyphotosEarth day, because there only one !
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