Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Next day, straight back into the water






FIJ_5300SonnyphotosZeus FIJ_5311Sonnyphotosafter abour 30-40 min snorkelling, the gang went back in nd India and I headed further out FIJ_5318Sonnyphotosway out of the resort :-) FIJ_5324Sonnyphotoslove this shot of India floating FIJ_5338Sonnyphotosand then this shot just as we near the beach again FIJ_5366Sonnyphotosand wht do we find on the beach FIJ_5376Sonnyphotosmy girl looking all movie star in her new swimmers. How's that somg go " .... she's got legs  .... " forgot the rest of thw words, but yeah, my girl looking great hot FIJ_5385Sonnyphotosfun times FIJ_5388Sonnyphotos
we love the water FIJ_5400Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5426Sonnyphotosspot of body surfing FIJ_5429Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5437Sonnyphotosgot one FIJ_5441Sonnyphotoslooking out for another wave ( we are in the rivermouth and it's not that consistent ) FIJ_5444Sonnyphotosall four of them FIJ_5449Sonnyphotosso nice to be back here again FIJ_5450Sonnyphotos


FIJ_5464Sonnyphotosfamily photo ? FIJ_5478Sonnyphotosso I said whoever makes the biggest splash running towards me gets an ice cream, yes, Jacqui clearly knows she does not need me when she needs and ice cream, and Belle is so like, that ice cream is mine :-) FIJ_5490Sonnyphotosphoto op FIJ_5491Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5495Sonnyphotoswoohoo, from here to eternity FIJ_5501Sonnyphotosheheheh, looks we just washed down by a big wave ( we didn't ) FIJ_5504Sonnyphotoswoohoo FIJ_5514Sonnyphotoslter that afternoon, Evan not feeling too good, stomach bug. So here he is crashed out in his room he's sharing with the girls FIJ_5516Sonnyphotosgood sized room FIJ_5521Sonnyphotosand connected to the kids room is our room FIJ_5532Sonnyphotostime for another sunset shot ( and a sunset drink :-) FIJ_5536Sonnyphotosglad we got these rooms FIJ_5539Sonnyphotoswe never got this view from the other rooms we always stayed in FIJ_5539Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5550SonnyphotosJacqui is getting a good sunset shot from the kids room as well FIJ_5551Sonnyphotos

FIJ_5557Sonnyphotoslast shot with a fruit bat flying past
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