Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Love me a council clean up

_AP_0733sonnyphotosO our way to check out these home extensions, I saw 4 big wooden ladders being thrown out, including a straight one with wooden rungs I been looking for to hang from the kitchen ceilinso we can hang our pots and pans of it with some butcher's hooks. But these big A frame ladders are a score I feel. So happy with my find, imagine if they made it to the garbage truck and were destroyed. SO we set these up in the garden and had some fun _AP_0737sonnyphotos

_AP_0748sonnyphotossharing is caring. Time for a drink as we wait for the sun to go down and do some photos with the fairy lights _AP_0751sonnyphotos



_AP_0778sonnyphotossome gif fun _AP_0784sonnyphotos

_AP_0795sonnyphotosnearly the whole family _AP_0801sonnyphotos

_AP_0803sonnyphotosaah, but we have the timer on the camera _AP_0804sonnyphotosthere we are, cat and all _AP_0810sonnyphotosmore gif fun _AP_0822sonnyphotosfairy light time _AP_0825sonnyphotosJacqui visibly impressed with my long exposures hehehe _AP_0831sonnyphotos
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