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Stockholm > Brussels ( Via Helsinki )

Sonnyphotos1one big gray soup in Stockholm today, and all the snow had melted away in the city Sonnyphotos2so all grey except for the rainbow around the shadow of the plane Sonnyphotos3grey in Helsinki as well, but snow has not melted Sonnyphotos19bit upset with the Finns, as this is not the first time this has happend, and I noticed some of the older ladies did not exaclty have the right shoes on, opting more for comfort while travelling and ending up instead with wet feet. I mean come on for F#@ks sake, how hard is to keep the runway clear, easy, tick , done, well, if you are not going to dock the plane at the gate, how about clearing the area where people get of the plane, who ever is in charge of this, meet me over here, love to rub your friggin feet with your socks on in this and then make you work like that for the rest of the day with soggy feet. Would you let your mum/girlfriend walk in that slush, no, you wouldn't , so how about paying customers ( frankly am surprised businees travellers have not put up a big stink on this )
anyway Sonnyphotos4
was not in Helsinki long 45 min later and we're off again ( same plane, so I had to walk through the slush again grrr ) Sonnyphotos5beautiful colours Sonnyphotos6

still snow down there in southern sweden Sonnyphotos8



The island Juist and Borkum in the north of Holland, just north of Groningen Sonnyphotos12Amsterdam Sonnyphotos13Rotterdam Sonnyphotos14Antwerp Sonnyphotos15Antwerp again zoomed out Sonnyphotos16descending down to Brussels Sonnyphotos17

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