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Sweltering Warm Sydney Day

HMEL1687Sonnyphotosday for the record books apparently, super hot day today, I was loving it, I think we clocked in about 5 swims today. And with those 40 plus degree days, usually come night time, that heat does not go away, and inside the house is still warm, too warm for the kids to get to sleep, so what to do . Head back to the beach and have a night swim in the rock pool of course HMEL1692Sonnyphotoslights still on at the pool at Palm Beach HMEL1696Sonnyphotostime to cool down before bed time ( well, already after bed time actually :-) HMEL1701Sonnyphotosnight time pool family portrait :-) HMEL1709Sonnyphotos

HMEL1714SonnyphotosJac's has more than one leg . I wonder if this means those pool lights flicker ? HMEL1729Sonnyphotos

India HMEL1756Sonnyphotospoor Belle with her arm in a cast with a possible fracture HMEL1762Sonnyphotosbut still manages too smile ( trooper :-) HMEL1767Sonnyphotostime for bed, head back to warm home and leave the cool pool
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