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Quick Dinner ( late lunch ) with Olof

SWE_9860sonnyphotosI'm such a bad friend today, my Swedish friend, Olof, from Scandinavian Press Room, yesterday organised for me to go with him and his partner on a boat cruise to go and see some of the archipelago, boat leaves at 12, no problem I told him, all I have to do is pick up hire car before as they close at 1pm, so will get it at 11 and be ready at hotel at 11:30. Fast forward to next day 11:10 when I'm busy getting an edit of photos ready for MFF when I see the time, major freak out, so call Olof, race out the door to walk to central and ge the car, needles to say, even though Olof managed to get the captani to hold the boat for 5 min, I was 2 mintutes too late, damn, and turns out there was a really good lunch on board as well.
Anyway we meet up after for a drink, late lunch, dinner for me, as I ended up running around trying to find a battery for my transmitter and a cable. And I still need to take some shots of the exhibition, here's the shot of Zuzanna wearing Dolce, at the elevators , love the colours SWE_9861sonnyphotosopening photo in the restaurant SWE_9862sonnyphotosit's a bit crazy busy in here, totally booked out and I'm not getting the right angle with the reflections of the red lights, ok, so will do it in the morning instead when the main lights are not set on moody :-) SWE_9863sonnyphotosBerns hotel, does not look like much from here, but so centraly located and so so nice inside SWE_9864sonnyphotosbetter view SWE_9865sonnyphotosand right across the parl/road, Olof shows me this palace,story is , some lady built it years ago ( I'd say more 150 ) and started collecting things, clothes, furniture etc... so it;s like an antique museum now, left the way she left it all these years ago, but we are not going to check it out now ( and strange I never saw this before and it is just across the road ) SWE_9866sonnyphotosOlof takes me to Cafe Riche, and he knows everyone here, so even though it is busy we get a table and I have traditional Swedish meatballs ( yes Jacqui, way better than those ones we had in Sydney last time :-) SWE_9867sonnyphotosThen after dinner back to my hotel, it's only just after 6 pm, but I'm off to bed, getting up super early tomorrow.


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