Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


From 5am landing at Sydney airport, straight to Bankstwon airport for next flight

EUR_7030sonnyNo, not here to see the police helicopter take off EUR_7034sonnyno, after my leg from Europe, it's straight into work mode ( love that landing somewhere and getting straight into production mode ) Super early in the morning, and we have Texas girl, Bay Berger, from Priscillas  EUR_7037sonnyMargaret Zhang from Shine By Three EUR_7036sonny
and Jacqui from Running Under The Sprinkler, all here early freezing their butts off this early in the morning as well as make up artist, designer and client ( can't tell you more at this stage, but all will be revealed when advertising campaign is ready to hit the streets ) EUR_7039sonnyloading our mode of transport, this will be the smallest plane Jacqui's been on, and probably some of the other crew as well. Fun, exciting, just need a coffee though to wake up :-) EUR_7040sonny
take off in golden morning light EUR_7041sonny

EUR_7043sonnybeauty about these small planes is that they have big windows to shoot out of :-) EUR_7045sonnyprospect reservoir EUR_7047sonnyclouds over the blue mountains EUR_7049sonnyThe Nepean river at bottom, going through the blue mountains heading towards Penrith lakes at the top of photo EUR_7050sonnytiny speck of cloud on horizon is from the Mt Piper powerstation just near Lithgow EUR_7055sonnythe lake Burragorang created by warragamba dam in the blue mountains EUR_7056sonny

the beautiful blue mountains, best spot for a good day of bush walking EUR_7070sonnythe grazing land beyond the blue mountains, still early and covered in patchy fog EUR_7072sonnya lot of fog actually EUR_7074sonnybeyond Bathurst EUR_707
9sonnynice shot, and would be a nice shot down there as well EUR_7085sonnyIsland mountain top of the fog EUR_7090sonnyfog finally clears further west ( and to think I flew over all this coming from the other direction about 2-3 hours ago, when it was still pitch black ) EUR_7098sonnyheading down to land and re-fuel EUR_7100sonnyour very own plane for the next few days :-) EUR_7103sonnyJacqui trying to warm up in the sun, it gets a bit cold on these planes when you sit at the back ( heater in the front does not quite reach to the back ) EUR_7105sonnyre-fuelling the plane at Swan Hill, western N.S.W., just north of Victorian border. Now this is where I stop the post, we continue on flying and get there in time for late afternoon, but that's all I can say. We ended up doing some fantastic photos on an awesome location with a great team. Was awesome, but, we just going to have to wait as we do not want to spoil the surprise. So begin September the campaign will be released and I will post more flight photos, and both Jacqui and Margaret will post behind the scenes photos and videos. And will post end result, plus a great flight back to Sydney. So stay tuned.

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