Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Time For Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely in front of my Lens

AUS_8556SonnyphotosI been telling both Colin and Rumi that they needed to get out of Bondi and come visit the Northern Beaches for a day. Rent a car I said, and get your butt up here. Then nothing happend, did not hear back from them, no replies to text messages. So come 3 pm , I had given up on see-ing them that day.
But then they turn up like good little soldiers about 40 minutes before sunset, so a quick whirlwind tour of the beaches and then to my one of my fav sunset spots at Palm Beach for a quick photo shoot AUS_8559SonnyphotosI put Colin to work ( as opposed to Jacqui) and made him work hehehe, except for this shot, JAcqui takes over ( holding the light ) AUS_8568SonnyphotosThe Pass me the shoes shot :-) AUS_8572SonnyphotosRumi is wearing a lovely out-fit from Camilla & Marc
AUS_8585SonnyphotosRumi in a circle AUS_8601Sonnyphotoslove how calm and smooth the water is this afternoon

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