Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Mystery Bay on dark

_AUS7893SonnyWe are staying at the lovely Mystery Bay Cottages, and at the end of the road , Mystery Bay, and as you can see, not a surfing beach with all those rocks ( but a beach called 1080 around the corner is where its suppose to happen ) _AUS7898Sonnybit of swell around too _AUS7907SonnyI can see people enjoying their walk along here _AUS7911Sonny

_AUS7915Sonnyafter we check in , we quickly get down to this other track that leads from the cottages to another beach right next to Mystery Bay _AUS7923Sonnytrying out the camera's high ISO setting, it's pretty dark right now _AUS7924Sonnyworks ok ( be better if I had camera on a tripod ) _AUS7931Sonnyworks even better with Jacqui's video light _AUS7932Sonny:-)

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