Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Firing Bawley Point

_AUS8069SonnyAfter Mogo zoo, we stop for lunch at Batemans Bay and then drive further north to take Coco home _AUS8073Sonnybut not without first stopping to check some surf spots. Bawley Point, you can just see the 3 jet ski's and looks like what promises to be an amazing sunset _AUS8076Sonnyand bodyboarder getting shacked ! Check how close to the rocks the waves breaks, and how close we can get to the action _AUS8077Sonnynice, would love to see the view from inside _AUS8078SonnyI'm using my damaged 70-200mm lens ( the two front glass elements fell out and I just popped them back in ) so they are not the sharpest of photos. _AUS8102Sonnyholy cow, check this out, tow in, and drop straight into a little pearlerof a wave, love how he has to do a cutback on the drop to line it up, and then another stall _AUS8144Sonnyhmmm, why have the colours gone all funky on me when I saved this as a gif, anyone ? It's taking away now from a nice looking wave _AUS8166SonnyWhile all that surf action is going on, the skies above are lighting up ! _AUS8170Sonnyjust beautiful, feeling blessed to get such an awesome sky to photograph !! _AUS8163SonnyHoly Cow part II, monster set comes barreliing through, nice wave !! 2 things, A- the size of it B- how it sucks out below sea level and below the line of the rocks. Would not want to wipe out there so close to the rocks ! _AUS8171Sonny
_AUS8175SonnyJust spectacular _AUS8179Sonny

_AUS8186SonnyCoco & the twins _AUS8187Sonnyand a captivated crowd _AUS8188Sonnyalso happy to be snapping this awesome scenery ( the first photo is more of a deer in headlights shot hehehe ) _AUS8192Sonny



_AUS8206Sonnywhat to shoot , the picture perfect waves or firing sky _AUS8207Sonnybit of an afternoon crowd building, it is a great natural viewing platform _AUS8211Sonny




_AUS8241Sonnygetting pretty dark now, so cranked up the ISO for this one, and what a great stand up barrel ! _AUS8242Sonnylove love love this photo _AUS8243Sonnyand this  . . . my favourite , going home after a late arvo session :-)

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