Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.

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Fashion Week Stuff from Phone

IMG_0803SonnyphotosFashion Week for me started at the beautiful home of Carla Zampatti for her show IMG_0805SonnyphotosThe whole house was decked out in white and all furnishing covered in white sheets IMG_0806Sonnyphotosfrom memory, the collection was called Into the Light IMG_0812Sonnyphotoslast sunset at Avalon before moving to the city for the week IMG_0819Sonnyphotosas we leave, looks like I'm not missing out on surf, messy down at the beach today IMG_0823SonnyphotosLater that afternoon , the view from our room at shangri-La, much better location than the past few years, as we are now within walking distance of the location for the fashion shows, plus . . .  the view ! IMG_0824SonnyphotosA few days later, the view from Akira's suite, here to do a story on Akira with Jacqui, the day before his return to fashion week ( he has been absent from Fashion week since 2008 ) IMG_0825SonnyphotosEddy Ming keep sme company IMG_0827Sonnyphotoslast day at the overseas passenger terminal ( venue for fashion week ) IMG_0828Sonnyphotosshot with phone after our cruise with Camilla IMG_0829Sonnyphotosand back to Avalon, lunch with Jacqui, surf getting better again, and some yummy tiger prawns.
So now that all that Fashion is done, I can get back to finish my posts from our road trip to the outback

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