Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Destination N.S.W. takes me Bryan, Natalie on a harbour cruise with Camilla Franks

AUS_8391SonnyphotosNatalie, fresh from her shoot with me yesterday afternoon AUS_8393Sonnyphotosgreat view, shame a bit cloudy but I have a feeling that will clear in about 30 minutes or so AUS_8402SonnyphotosLook at those tourists snap away :-) AUS_8413Sonnyphotos

AUS_8420Sonnyphotosnever got a shot of the bridge and opera from this angle before, love it AUS_8424Sonnyphotos

next to :una Park now AUS_8433Sonnyphotos

Affectionatly known as the "Coathanger " in Australia AUS_8439SonnyphotosAnd just as our boat runs in Darling HArbour, I was the right, the sun comes out AUS_8444Sonnyphotoslovely AUS_8445Sonnyphotoswind playing havoc with Natalie's scarf, otherwise, great shot, loving the light AUS_8452Sonnyphotos


AUS_8469Sonnyphotosas we head back, the sunset dials it up a few notches to . . . spectacular AUS_8476SonnyphotosAnd it's only getting better AUS_8485Sonnyphotos
woauw, print please AUS_8488Sonnyphotosamazing colours AUS_8490Sonnyphotostaken so many photos AUS_8500Sonnyphotoslike we all have, AUS_8501Sonnyphotos




AUS_8522Sonnyphotosamazing, thanks for that AUS_8525Sonnyphotosthe boat drops us of at Catalina where Camilla invites us for a cocktail before heading out to dinner AUS_8526Sonnyphotosand these seaplanes, land at Palm beach, would cut out about 40 min driving in the car :-) AUS_8531SonnyphotosCamilla, Bryan and Natalie. They were heading out to have dinner at Otto's as part of Camilla's things to do in Sydney. The NSW tourism matched up international delegates with the different Australian designers to get to share their experience of Sydney, and Bryan got Camilla :-)
While they head off for dinner I head back to Avalon for a nice home cooked meal :-)

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