Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


A visit to Peter's Deer Farm

_AUS7776SonnyJust near Talba lives Coco's grand dad, so we pop in for a visit _AUS7778Sonnyand he has a deer farm _AUS7781Sonnynice to get amongst all the deer, not wild, but not tame either _AUS7784SonnyMale and herd _AUS7789Sonnycompetition _AUS7799Sonnyhe has a couple of pigs as well _AUS7803Sonnyand they love choko's ( you know, as in McDonalds sell you apple flavoured Choko pies ) _AUS7810Sonnycurious fact, that hide/fur on a pig's back is so coarse, very hard _AUS7813Sonnythis how we roll on Pete's property :-) _AUS7817Sonny




_AUS7857SonnyThanks Peter for taking the time to show us around

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