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Trying out some new fins

IMG_0665SonnyphotosKristian Moon is letting me try out these fins. I must say, in my whole life of surfing, once the era of the finbox was over ( slide the fin forward for smaller waves, back for bigger waves ) and the new Fin system came out, I never really put much emphasis on fins and the different types of fins ( although in the late 90's I was impressed with the swivel fin system, what ever happened to that, and where is Aldo ? ) So for a good decade I been merrily riding my boards without paying any attention the to the fins, that was until I bought a new board back in December and the shop keeper said for an extra 30 dollars he would throw in some glass fins , as opposed to the plastic fins that came with the board, nah mate, don't worry about it, I said, but he insisted, and I'm glad he did, I love my new board, but it wasn't till I took the fins out and put them in my old board, and woauw, my old board turned into a new board, so much more control and better response. I remember having such fun surfing that day, and felt I was getting so much more out of surfing, I remember coming in, and Jacqui was sitting on the beach waiting for me, she saw the smile on my face and told me I best go out and catch a few more as I was clearly enjoying myself. IMG_0667SonnyphotosSo this brings me now to trying out these big widow makers ( as Mark Warren likes to call them, no guessing as to why :-) with a small stabiliser fin in the middle. At first it did not do much for me, Kristian was telling I would get more speed, I probably was, but the response wasn't the same and it did not feel as "complete" like I was struggling to do my round house cutbacks in a nice smooth turn, but then I placed my back foot further back, and then yes, it fired and I was having a ball. Until... I got one of the better sized sets ( it was a small day, with 2 foot sets ) I took off bottom turned, and I felt a weird crunch ( got a flash back to when I lost a fin Bali ) and thought oh no, it can't be, next turn , yep, board nearly slid sideways. The extra surface size of the fin, meant there was more pressure on the fin plugs, and the fin ripped right out of my board, plugs and all. Went back to the car and got  snorkel to try and look for it, but no luck, those things sink and get covered by the moving sand in no time. Bummer. oh well, got a few good waves, but now have no board to surf, till this is fixed.. :-(

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