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Summer has not finished...yet ..!!

IMG_0611SonnyAbsolutely awesome, once I have been back for a day or two, to be asked to chop down one of the banana branches, so we can hang it under the verandah where it can ripen more. I mean, after trudging around in the fashion capitals of the northern hemisphere in temperatures equivalent to the Australian ski fields in our winter, it is nice to come back to "having to" cut down the bananas :-) IMG_0610Sonnyand there's another 2 like this ready to go as well IMG_0613Sonnylove the new leaves on the tree ferns IMG_0614Sonny
IMG_0616Sonnyand yes, it is still summer in my book if the Frangipani is still flowering in our garden IMG_0618SonnyNaturally, stoked to see the kids again, and over the moon to wake up next to Jacqui again, and add to that, happy to be able to make my own coffee's again. :-)

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