Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.


Quick Visit to mi mate Kezza's place at Wollombi

FWP_7958Sonnyphotosbut first a stop of at Millbrook winery, Millfield FWP_7959Sonnyphotosand I love the sun shade on this window FWP_7960Sonnyphotos
FWP_7961Sonnyphotosstill some left overs from the last sculpture in the vineyards tour
FWP_7964Sonnyphotosand yes, Millbrook actually had some nice wines at good price, I even like the chardonnay ( not much of a white wine drinker ) and can't wait to pop the sparkling FWP_7966Sonnyphotoslove a bit of backlight FWP_7968Sonnyphotos
FWP_7978SonnyphotosForgot to take any photos of dinner last nigth, but this is the next morning ( we stayed at Kerrie's for the night ) but had a great dinner, Big Steve brought back a big salmon from the newcastle fish markets ( 4 kilo baby ) which fed about 8 of us, plus plenty left over for a nice lunch. A nice country sleep and up when the sun reached over the hill FWP_7981Sonnyphotos
FWP_7983Sonnyphotoslove Kerrie's new addition to the family FWP_7984Sonnyphotosgoose FWP_7987Sonnyphotos
those eyes FWP_7988Sonnyphotoslove to have a dog, but only if I had a big property or big garden for it to rule and play in FWP_7994Sonnyphotosyou met Goose, now meet Molly's horse, Sonny FWP_7999Sonnyphotoswith Molly's mate Erin on top FWP_8007SonnyphotosI think they like each other :-)

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