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Big Dump, well by Belgian standards anyway

IMG_0475SonnyphotosJust as I left Granny, the tiniest of flakes were falling, I hoped more would come, and as I drive to Antwerp to check up on my pictures at the printers, this is what it looked like IMG_0476SonnyphotosView from the printers IMG_0480SonnyphotosWhile the pictures are being printed I meet up with Emmanuel at RA for lunch, and this is what Kloosterstraat looks like right now, awesome. See, normally when it snows, it is still just below zero, and more than likely been raining few days before hand so the snow melts as it lands, whereas this time, it has been dry for quite a few days and been hovering at an average of minus 8, so this time the snow is staying put IMG_0481Sonnyphotoscar after an hour lunch IMG_0483Sonnyphotosafter lunch, driving back to the printers, and have a bad feeling traffic is going to be pretty bad this afternoon after 5 IMG_0486Sonnyphotosnormally all these terraces would be full of people in summer, even the odd 2-3 table sin winter, not today IMG_0487SonnyphotosSnow outside Ann Demeulemeester shop IMG_0489Sonnyphotos
IMG_0491Sonnyphotosstreet to the printer, and road still white, this in a big city, love it IMG_0495Sonnyphotosbut now the shit starts :-) After picking up my prints, its finish work time and everyone in their car on the snow IMG_0496SonnyphotosTraffic jam IMG_0497Sonnyphotosnot looking any better down there on the highway IMG_0498Sonnyphotosok, heading home on the highway, trip usually takes me between 15-20 min, took over an hour this time

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