Fashion should be fun and with my photography I love to create those fun moments.

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Surfing at Avalon with the GoPro Camera

Av 01I did some frame grabs from one of the video surf sessions out at Avalon, waves have not been that big lately, but still been going out and try to get a few little head dips ( when the waves are small and you get a tube, or barrel, when it is this small, we refer to it as just a little head dip )Av 02Lining it up and placing left hand in the wave wall to try and stall a little and get a straight line ( a bit hard on the malibu ) Av 03Lip coming over Av 04and we are inside. Love it. Jacqui commented I don't look happy, but trust me, could not be happier when I'm inside, and well, surfing full stop :-)

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