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Patonga Pub

SYD_4338SonnyPhotosLeaving Palm Beach by ferry to go to Patonga Pub for lunch with Leen, Bebeir and Jacqui, totally different view of Barrenjoey SYD_4339SonnyPhotosFerry from Palm Beach runs to Patonga twice a day SYD_4341SonnyPhotosPatonga is an old fishing village that still has a few trawlers working the bay and beside that is a sleepy little fishing/holiday village SYD_4345SonnyPhotosI have not been here before, been to Woy Woy , Umina and Pearl Beach, but never continued the drive further through national park to Patonga, and the ferry is a lot quicker too SYD_4348SonnyPhotosso much bush around and then my favourite, the pelican, ever since see-ing storm boy waaaaaay back in '79 I think ( I was a young boy then ) trailer for Storm Boy SYD_4350SonnyPhotostwo percivals SYD_4351SonnyPhotosThe quite fishing village SYD_4352SonnyPhotosgrab a bargain that needs a little tlc :-) SYD_4354SonnyPhotosbeachfront row SYD_4357SonnyPhotoswith Pelicans Percivals galore SYD_4361SonnyPhotosall about seafood around here SYD_4363SonnyPhotosBebeir tries to get closer SYD_4365SonnyPhotoslittle luck SYD_4366SonnyPhotosya man SYD_4367SonnyPhotosJacqui contemplating alternative transportation back if the ferry takes too long SYD_4370SonnyPhotoshmmm, how long will that take :-) SYD_4373SonnyPhotosbut first, the seafood lunch at Patonga pub, yummy feast coming up ( with a few beverages as well of course ) SYD_4375SonnyPhotoscouple of hours later and with a full stomach we depart again SYD_4377SonnyPhotosback to Palm Beach :-)

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