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A Shaded View On Fashion Antwerp Academy Editorial Prize winner Jantine Van Peski

SonnyJantine01So back in June, when I was in Antwerp for the Antwerp Academy shows, Diane ( Ashadedviewonfashion ) & I annually give out a prize to one of the master students that we believe is a most editorial looking collection SonnyJantine02Diane has the final casting vote, especially see-ing as she was on the jury this year.
So may i present the winner, Jantine Van Peski SonnyJantine03Here are the pictures from backstage on the night of the show SonnyJantine04So one sunny afternoon in Antwerp, we grabbed one of the academy models, Nai-Sam and headed across the river Schelde at Antwerp to take these pictures SonnyJantine05make up by Selena Verbaenen SonnyJantine06It took me a while to bring these photos to you SonnyJantine07As it took me a while to do all these photo shop effects, I wanted to create this film bleed or light blled that I had seen on some surf films SonnyJantine08and it was not as easy as I had hoped SonnyJantine09main thing is, we had fun doing the photos, and Jantine was just wonderful to work with as well SonnyJantine10The aim of this prize is that Diane and I felt that the wonderful students need a tool to get them some extra exposure, SonnyJantine11Here is the post on Diane's blog SonnyJantine12And then This Is Paper picked up the story as well as Dutch Glamcult.
Best of luck to you Jantine and be sure to keep us updated.

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