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Storm Cloud Passing Over Avalon

SYD_3573sonnyphotosJust had a quick swim with India to try out my birthday present ( a Hero GoPro - a super cool water video camera ) When I spotted a lot of clouds in the south, so drove home to get my other camera and then back to the lookout on top of Avaolon and Bilgola beach to snap these. A storm cloud approaching, and not very often you get to clearly see the front coming through like this, pretty awesome spectacle to witness. SYD_3583sonnyphotosSitting on top of Newport HEadland right now, sorry , not sitting, rolling over, and moving at a steady pace SYD_3591sonnyphotosJust awesome SYD_3598sonnyphotosreally over Newport already and crossing over into Bilgola, so fast SYD_3602sonnyphotosnot slowing down SYD_3606sonnyphotosno lightning with this though, was expecting to see some SYD_3613sonnyphotosreally coming close now, just about on top of us SYD_3614sonnyphotosI'm not the only one here to document this spectacle, and would be a similar scenario all up and down the coast SYD_3620sonnyphotoson top of us now, and this bright sunny day with no wind, has just turned, rather rapidly, in a very overcast day, and right now the wind just turned this second to a cold southerly SYD_3622sonnyphotosright under it SYD_3625sonnyphotosnature at work SYD_3626sonnyphotosthat's the blue sky warm day on the left :-) SYD_3632sonnyphotos
SYD_3636sonnyphotoslooking south, it's looking darker, so more rain to come SYD_3638sonnyphotosJust absolutely incredible to see, this massive dark cloud moving to the blue sky and leaving a dark grey SYD_3641sonnyphotos

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